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        • Welcome to The Heirloom Seed Store!

          We carry the best selection of Franchi Old World Italian Seeds, imported directly from Italy, which means non-GMO, open-pollinated seed goodness. Take a look at our online store, where you’ll find over 400 varieties of Franchi heirloom seeds!

        • What to Start Now

          Carrots are easy to grow and best in cool conditions such as Spring or Fall. With over 10 varieties to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find one you love.

        • Violetto Precoce (Artichoke)

          A mid-early vigorous attractive plant producing medium sized, thornless purple artichoke globes which have tender meaty leaves. One of the most traditional of Italian vegetables. Non GMO.

        Boby Bianco String Beans

        These bush-type beans have a long, productive season. Thin, crisp and sweet taste. They’re our most popular bush bean. Give them a try today!

        Fresh from the Farm

        Happy Spring

        Hello to our Friends of The Heirloom Seed Store. Happy Spring! We recently finished our 3rd Seed Show of 2016. We believe people are thinking it is OK to start planning & planting their home gardens, again. The winter rains did not eliminate our drought, but our customers want to get their hands in the dirt! Many have already... Read More
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